In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re supporting Defy & Conquer Non-Profit!
Defy & Conquer is a 501c3 non-profit with a mission to help women survivors of domestic and sexual violence reclaim power and control over their lives through jiu jitsu training. Being that in most cases of violence against women the female is the smaller of those involved, it makes sense to use a self defense training that is based on physics and leverage, useful techniques regardless of size, as opposed to brute strength.
The concept is theoretically simple: To carefully and systematically expose a person to feared situations without any real danger present so they may extinguish the fear surrounding the situation. The end goal is to help the survivor reduce or eliminate the heightened anxiety and fear associated with the trauma, and guide them to reclaim control and power over their bodies and life.
Help us support these amazingly strong women by donating today in honor of IWD!